Red Letter Day

It's an exciting day for me today, as I am waiting to receive the shipment of my new book. it is travelling the highway as i write this and I am keen to take delivery. it seems only a little while ago that I was sitting in Coombe Abbey in England having breakfast with Geoff Thompson, who was bending my ear about getting it done. Upon arriving home from my UK trip he was still hounding me via e-mail, and asking me to send the chapters to him as I wrote them. I must say, it seems rather easy to do things like this when you have great friends giving you encouragement. There are always those particular people who snicker and gossip (usually behind your back) about the things we try to do, but I have long since learned to ignore them. One encouraging voice of a friend, to me, outweighs a hundred nay-sayers. Anwyays, tis done! I take delivery in a few hours. Already I have received heaps of orders via this website, for the book. Envelopes have been addressed as orders have come in - I can't wait to sign each copy and send them off. A HUGE thanks to those people who have had faith in me and feel that the book will give them value. MY SINCERE THANKS TO YOU!
best go - need to check my e-mails.
Train Well - train safe.


Anonymous said…

You are the most inspirational person I've met (thru your BJJ seminars and USA 94 trip).

Placed my order yesterday, and I'm sure I'll read it cover to cover the day I receive it.

Best wishes,
John R
JBW said…
Thanks John - I am humbled by your e-mail. many thanks. JBW
Unknown said…
Picked my copy up last night after training and finished it this morning, an excellent read. Knowing a little more about where you're coming from will help with training (and much more besides), I am sure.

Eagerly awaiting the next 2 installments.
Andrew Nerlich said…
I got mine in the mail Monday night and finished it on Tuesday.

A great read, with some thought provoking insights and seeds of inspiration for us all.

I too can hardly wait for the rest in the series.
Anonymous said…
Hi John,

Just wanted to congradulate you on Book One of the Rogue Black Belt series,a great read.I see I'm not alone in finishing it within 24 hrs of getting it.Really looking forward to Book 2.


Dan R

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