Do we leave our mark on this planet or not? That’s a question each of us has to answer for him or herself. There are many, who cannot help but leave their mark; for the actions they take echo down through their family tree, or even through history. There are others who live their lives almost anonymously. There are happy people in both camps, just as there are sad or unfulfilled people in each camp. Our mark is our mark, it has nothing to do with happiness, contentment, good or evil. I for one, am certainly unqualified to judge whether or not ‘leaving a mark’ is better or worse for mankind at large.
The way in which I live my life, does in fact, mean I leave my mark. I am mindful that such a mark does more good than harm, be more beneficial for mankind than harmful. I believe that ‘good’ breeds ‘good’. If I live my life so that others benefit – then it seems that I benefit as well. I believe in a win-win way of living my life.
For me, living a remarkable life, is something that I have always wanted to do. I suspect that most people would want to live likewise. No doubt there are others that want anything but – and are content to live simple, anonymous lives, free of anxiety, stress and effort. Perhaps they have discovered the true secret to happiness. Needless, to say, that kind of life is not for me. I seek the remarkable.
A remarkable life is simply that – life whose mark was worth leaving again and again.
Think on it – make your mark.
Or not.



Unknown said…
I think that I try to live my life on a more modest scale. I try to make sure that I leave a mark on the people around me that is for the better. I hope that by simple acts of kindness and compassion, I can allow each person I come in contact with to have a little more time to do something for someone else. A few minutes spent cleaning the mats gives Brian the extra time to help a new student. That student then passes on his new knowledge to other students. Simple things like that. None of them big on their own, but when added up, they make our little part of the world better for everyone.
AnnT said…
John, was it part of your purpose to leave your mark?
I am of the school "We're all in this together, might as well make it a good one". What fun would a life free of anxiety and effort be?
(Yeah, I am spending a quiet arvo going through all your past blogs during a rare, slow week!Been on my to do list!)

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