Right Next Door

It has been said that ‘life is a series of rooms’ – I kind of like that idea. The reason I like it is because it speaks of possibilities. No matter what our current circumstances; there always exists the possibility of change and betterment. The possibility is always right there – right next door.
Not every day is a new door, not every year represents a new door – the new doors are within, not without. The opportunity to discover a new door is always with us; but if you never see new doors, and continue to do the things you do and act and behave in the same ways each day, then you will continue ‘missing opportunities’. As the author Justin Herald has said, ‘if nothing changes – then nothing changes’.
If you are always seeing new opportunities, then keep doing what you are doing. If you are never seeing new opportunities, then do something different.
Imagine an endless mansion, with rooms running off forever, in every direction, each containing new wonders and new possibilities; imagine you live there, love there and play there; imagine the wonder that lies before you – it’s good to imagine such things, because this is pretty much exactly what life is like. And endless series of rooms – some containing good things, some containing bad things – it’s not the contents of the rooms that matter as much as the sense of wonder and excitement about the possibility of exploring them.
Here’s to opening some new doors …


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