Eye on the Prize

For myself, I like to live a project-driven lifestyle. That is, I need to have one or two little goals/targets that I am planning/aiming for lined up in the near future. I don’t so much (never have in fact) have one huge, all-encompassing goal dominating the way I live my life. Small projects, short term stuff – that’s what keeps me interested and motivated. My next wilderness adventure, the next book in my series, the next technique I want to master on the mat, etc. My calendar for the next 6 months has those things plastered all over it – and more. It has always amazed me the way many people seem quite content to pretty much live for their ‘end of the year’ holidays. I’ve never been able (nor wanted to) do that. I like to look about 6 months out – at the most. I always like to fit two, three or four little projects into that period. Each one is exciting for me, keeps me moving forward.
In a few days when I finish ny round of seminars in new Zealand, I am hooking up with my long-time wilderness/adventuring partner for a ten day remote back-country flyfishing trip. So today I got out my maps, scanned the bits I needed and laminated them in readiness for some wet river-crossings. I did a little research on the net about river-crossing technique, to see if I could dig up something I hadn’t thought of – sure enough I did. Little things like this, small interesting projects, keep me happy and motivated.
In the martial arts industry for example – at one time there were pretty much only two ranks; white belt and black belt. Nowadays, most styles have included a range of colored belts in between. Why? To keep the student interested, Small goals, small steps – each as enjoyable and meaningful as the next. I like the idea. I love to live that way. Better go. Need to print out the gear list for my end of November trip.
Eye on the prize.


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