Head down ...

My apologies to those people log on regularly to read my blog. This past week I have been totally absorbed in getting the next book in my series all done. I think I am on target to have it completed by mid next week. That is, it will be out of my hands and at the printers by that time. If all goes well, they should give me delivery before Christmas. Quite a few people have suggested I include a couple of pages of pics with this next one ; so I have decided to do just that. This time around I will be including 24 pics, taken in Indonesia, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA. It just means a bit more work to squeeze it into my deadline. The good news though, is that for those who enjoyed my first book, I'll guarantee you will enjoy this one even more. It includes action, adventures and lessons learned on three continents. This stage of my life and training was far more broad-ranging than the period covered in the first book. I'm super happy with the way it's all coming along. I'll get back to my more regular blogging when it is done. I hope you understand.
best wishes,


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