Hope - is not a strategy!

I remember earlier this year, when I had just come home from a trip to England, hoping that I could write the book that Geoff Thompson was encouraging me to write. The moment I found myself hoping, I shook myself out of it and actually got to writing. Four months later, I have completed two books - in my spare time. If I was hoping - I'd still be thinking about it.
In hoping that this thing will happen or that thing will happen, we are essentially relinquishing control of our fate or destiny. If we wait – the problem will go away. I don’t think so. I hope the situation will resolve itself – this is not a good strategy. In my experience, things do resolve themselves, but the outcome isn’t always good or beneficial to us. Hoping that the reserve bank drops interest rates and therefore more people will want to buy a house, and therefore prices will go up, is simply not a good strategy if you are an owner of property. Instead, doing up the house a bit, fixing the yard or putting a coat of paint on it – these things will drive the price of your house up; independent of market forces, or the whims of the reserve bank. Hope is not a strategy. Someone is in your face, screaming at you and obviously committed to doing you physical harm – hoping that they will just go away, is not a strategy; the time has come to DO something. Pretty much, the earlier we act, the bigger edge (and leeway for further action) we have. Acting too late, can often produce the same result as not acting at all. Hope is not a strategy! If I hope to catch a ten pound trout but continue to fish where everyone else fishes (within four or five kilometres from the road), then I will most likely be HOPING the rest of my life. I need to do something different, take action and make it happen. Hope is not a strategy. All my worries will be over if I win the lotto – I hope I win this week. NOT A STRATEGY!
Hope not – take action.


a line from edward blake's "augeries of innocence"

every night and every morn
some to misery are born
and every morn and every night
some are born to sweet delight

ross papas
4th stripe white belt and occasional poet
Anonymous said…
Thank you.

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