At last, 'tis done!
I have just this minute completed my second book in the ROGUE BLACK BELT series, entitled challenge & ownership. Don't worry - the smiley faces are not a part of the book, nor will you find them on the cover, they are just a reflection of my mood this afternoon. It's been intense going this past few weeks, and I am just feeling good about it being done. The printer will have it by monday and so it is now out of my hands. Hopefully it will be printed before Christmas. I am pumped about having written this one; it goes to the very heart of my martial arts training - covering excursions to India, India, Thailand, Japan, Brazil and the USA. Again it's filled with the life lessons I gleaned from those experiences and has several dozen pics to go with them. Some of the pics are less than flattering, but the key to my style of writing is utter and complete honesty; and so they must be included. I know you will love it.
I have to thank the hundreds of people who after reading my first book, sent me e-mails of encouragement and thanks. I feel honored and humbled by all of your sentiments. I also feel a great sense of responsibility as I continue to write - knowing that so many people are reading and benefiting from my experience. Still, I do not let those feelings of responsibility allow me to 'over-polish' too much, I am writing from the heart, and so I let it pour out fast and un-edited. That's the way I need to do it.
Anwyays - I'll have it available on the site the second i get it from the printers. I want to be able to sign each and every copy I send out.
best wishes all,


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