NZ Jaunt

Back at my usual Auckland haunt - the Quest hotel, after conducting seminars for my good friend Geoff Aitken in Christchurch, and then here for Mike Fooks and Glenn Tarrant today. Unfortunately, Glenn was MIA due to commitments up in the bay of islands (one of the blue belts - Mike Hendricks' wedding). So a few of the usual suspects were absent - still, we had a great time covering a variety of topics.
Tonight I spend making notes on what we covered today - before catching up with my family on video chat and getting some sleep. Tomorrow morning I'm running a session for Karl Norton, before heading to Hamilton in the afternoon to do a session for Phil Beale. Then it will be on to Napier to see Shayne Cox and gang, before flying down to Wellington for work at the Police Academy on Tuesday. After that, my last NZ seminar will take place at Geoff Grants school on wednesday night.
I love new Zealand - both the land itself and the people here. The students are passionate about their training and there are some absolutely great fighters here. This is one of my very favourite times of the year.
As I am on the orad - it may be a few days before i post again. probably will do so once I hit wellington (tuesday).
Train hard - train smart.


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