Build a life - not a living!

It seems that we have a cultural obsession with making a living. The questions come with unrelenting insistence ... What are you going to be when you grow up? What course do you want to take at University? What job are you going to apply for? What career plans have you laid out? What kind of salary are you shooting for? It never ends! Even the answers to those questions don't really make people happy - not from what I have seen of life anyways. The happiest people I know are people with purpose - people who are passionate about the lives they live. The most important thing to do is to build yourself an amazing life - a life of purpose - a life you are deeply connected to. This begins with listening; listening to the 'taps on the shoulder' that the universe gives you. In the greater scheme of things, each and every one of us plays the most important part; learn to listen - what do your feelings tell you? What are the things you feel deeply about? What drives you - what really drives you? The answers to such questions connect you with a boundless source of energy; they allow you to connect with the type of life you are designed to live. Get connected. Build a grand life - not a great living!
Have a great Christmas and a great start to 2008!
Warm regards,


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