Footprints in the Brain

Every time we hear a story we havn’t heard before, as we see it in our mind’s eye, we change forever, who we are. New stories and their accompanying images, leave ‘footprints’ in the landscape of our neurology. This is why ‘story-telling’ is such an important part of the teaching process. Ultimately, teaching is an effort to permanently change our neurology; to permanently change who we are. Each and every day we are changed in innumerable ways; this is simply fact. So we might as well try to direct and orchestrate some of those changes in ways that are beneficial to us. We are the sum of our thoughts; those thoughts can be generated from within or be stimulated from without. We have control over both. In exercising that control, we can direct some of those footprints that that leave their mark through the ever-changing landscape of our mind.
My advice? Read! The read some more. Reading is a habit. A good one, A life changing one. read just 12 inspiring and thought-provoking books a year and break away from the pack. Reading expands your mind and re-defines who you are. The footprints that remain in the landscapes of our mind after reading a good book, will be there forever, and can have a positive and lating impact on how we live and act in the world. Get a book - get to some reading. Start today!


Unknown said…
Having just finished your book for the second time (They arrived on Saturday - Thank you very much), I can not agree more. As a life long reader, it is unusual when I do not have 3 or 4 books on my night stand. There is something very magical about the printed word. I know that with you book, as I read it, I can hear your voice in my head telling the stories. The words come to life filling my mind with visions of places that I have never seen.
Anonymous said…
Hey John,

I wholeheartedly agree with you. Would you be so kind as to recommend some books that you felt were especially thoughtful provoking or meaningful to you?

JBW said…
Thanks for the kind words.
Books I love:
Book of five rings - musashi
Evolve your Brain - Dispenza
Persuasion Engineering - Bandler

I love all these books - each for very different reasons.
best wishes,

PS: My next book is due out tomorrow!

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