My Friends Lift Me Up ...

When I am asked what the best thing about my martial arts life is - I always answer the same way: ‘the friendships I have made’. I have managed, over the years, to form some great friendships; but I have to admit, I have become more selective about who I ‘hang out’ with as I have become older. Sure, I'll be nice and polite enough to people who have lots of negative stuff going on despite the fact that they seem keen to share it with me - but I don’t develop close friendships with those types of people. Seriously - LIFE IS JUST TOO SHORT - I've become kind of fussy I guess. It is amazing to me (perhaps I am just beginning to take more notice) how many people there are that actually resent success and resent other people moving forward - perhaps it makes them realize that they themselves are not achieving the things they set out to achieve. One way to maintain thr 'shoulder to shoulder' position in a race, is to hold the other guy back. It’s not so much that I am repelled by such people - it’s this - I AM SIMPLY MORE ATTRACTED TO PEOPLE WHO ARE POSITIVE, HAPPY AND GENUINELY PLEASED WHEN OTHERS DO WELL - and so I have naturally and gradually surrounded myself with those sorts of friends. When my friends do well,achieve goals, buy themselves a new car, house, or whatever - I can honestly say that I am genuinely overjoyed for them. I applaud their success - not just outwardly, but within myself also. None of us can achieve anything without the help and assistance of others. Even a lone assault on the south pole needs a huge support team.

Which brings me to say a big THANK YOU to my webguy who is responsible for the upkeep, mainatanence and ever-improving look of my web-related stuff: GEOFF GRANT. Nothing has been too much trouble for Geoff over the years. He has always selflessly tried to do whatever he can to help me out with in this area of my life. I of course, shall continue to do my best to do the same for him (I feel I have the better end of the deal). Geoff, who recently achieved his BJJ Black Belt, is a wonderful guy. he is probably embarrased by this blog - but I think it’s important to tell friends how important they are. Thanks Geoff - all your help is not only appreciated - it is NEVER taken for granted.

I have other friends who have congratulated me about the publishing of my new ROGUE BLACK BELT book series - they have taken the time to recommend my books to their friends and gone out of their way to send me e-mails and letters in way of congratualtions. No-one realises how much this means to me. I thanks all of you - you know who you are! I hope I can always reciprocate.

What does it cost, to genuinely wish others well? Virtually nothing - and yet in doing so, we begin to re-wire our own thinking, our own view of the world.




BJJ NZ said…
I've heard that that Geoff guy ain't actually all that!
JBW said…
I see through your subterfuge my friend - and you are all that ... and more! Can't wait to share brekky (that's Aussie for breakfast) with at Mr Bub , come March. my treat!

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