Rome wasn't built in a day

I have to say - from a coach's point of view, I place far more stock in persistence and determination than I do in athletic ability. Some of the most succesfull people I know (in all sorts of fields) were not the 'most likely to succeed' or 'most gifted' of their peers - but one thing they all share in common is 'consistency'. As my coach Rigan Machado used to say - a little each day is the key to success. I have seen numerous gifted althete's come and go, but it's the ones who stick at it - with steady conviction, that ultimately get the best results. One such student, Neil Fitzsimmons of Geelong, did just that; and received his BJJ Black Belt last evening. Congratulations Neil - I flicked open my dictionary last night to look up the word CONSISTENT - and there was a picture of you! Well done!


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