I have always been interested in those things that lift the truly exceptional above the ranks of the merely great. Seriously, the truly exceptional are very often simply doing things that the rest of us are not doing - and by definition, those things they are doing are not at all obvious to the average observer (if they were, everyone would be doing them).
One of the things that the truly exceptional seem to do with little or no effort, is adapt to changing conditions very, very quickly. They are 'in the moment'. They do not dwell.
This, in many ways, is central to the whole concept of evolution; ie: those organisms who are more readily to able to adapt to their environment, tend to survive where those that have difficulty in doing so, eventually die out. This of course, happens over relatively long periods of time - and in the martial arts landscape, it is no different; we become aware of new trends and ideas, and some of us take them up whilst others resist for one reason or another. That is the large view. However, in the chaotic landscape of 'action' (during combat/sparring) this evolutionary process is also in play. Those who are able to adapt and change with the circumstances more quickly, are usually rewarded with an advantage. This is micro-evolution in action.
Be ready to adapt - be ready to survive.
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