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For those who have ever used the services of a financial advisor, you will no doubt have been told that the important steps to financial independence are: pay of credit card debt - start putting a little into superannuation (401K for USA readers), pay of your mortgage if you have one, then really start pumping funds into 'super' or other retirement fund - and bingo, you are on your way to living a financially independent existence. Although I do agree with some of this - I am always wary of taking advice from people who are working long hours in jobs that takes them away from the things they would rather be doing.
Advisors are always talking about this or that 'investment medium' - citing that the most important thing is to 'save for retirement' - and although it is important to put money away, I strongly disagree with much of their philosophy. For me, the single most important investment medium - is MYSELF!
Investing in ourselves, our health, our happiness and our ability to produce income is by far the best investment we could make. If we love what we do; and we are healthy and happy, we can earn money that will allow us to do and have the things we need. Putting our main focus on saving for retirement can distract us from 'living now' - from 'earning now' and from honing and improving our 'earning potential'.
YOU are the best investment you could ever make. Invest in your own continuing education, in your health, your happiness - and money will not be a problem.
Here's to good health and investing in yourself.
Warm regards,


Anonymous said…
It never ceases to amaze me, how many people turn their head when it comes to bettering themself. In my opinion, it is the greatest thing someone can do for themself. However, so many people turn a blind eye... "Oh, I don't need that! I'm fine how I am", is an example...

There is NO such thing as being TOO GOOD for self improvement.
Unknown said…
I read your blog and thought to myself- this person is really trying to make a difference and also understands that knowledge like this is lacking in this modern society we live in. I have already thought along these lines but came to the conclusion that I will invest not only in myself but in my children, done right I will not need super. Thank you for being part of making the world a better place.
Anonymous said…
Hi All
Although I believe there is something to be said for having money in the bank, my observation over the years is that the financial planners have made money for themselves from fees charged to me. However I would have been better off investing in bank stocks collected dividends and saved my fees and had a better return !Also a lot to be said in paying off the mortgage for most middle class earners .
When it is all said and done if I can live a modest financial lifestyle, enjoy a psychological and physiologically healthy and Viagra free golden years who is better off me or an out of shape ,Viagra popping Bill Gates type?
I often ask if one would rather own a Porsche or be one ?

Jim S.
Anonymous said…
I must agree w/ Jon's statement. I'm faced with these issues right now, having huge debt in student loans. As a 20smth person, retirement is great, but I have a lot to live for until then. And we have no guarantee that tomorrow will ever come. Saving for the future is great, but not at the expense of happiness and personal growth in the here and now.

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