The Perfect Storm

The ‘perfect storm’ teaching model is one I frequently employ.
It goes like this: I introduce a technique by illustrating it in the best possible set of circumstances before trying to ‘make it happen’ in less favourable circumstances. Imagine a ladder – the bottom-rung represents the ‘perfect storm’, the situation is just perfect for the execution of the given technique. The next rung up the ladder is very slightly ‘less perfect’, so we need to change something a little bit, to get back to ‘the perfect set of circumstances’ situation. The next rung up represents a slightly more difficult situation, and so it goes, until the top rung of the ladder represents a situation in which the technique would not normally even be considered. By starting at the bottom rung when teaching the technique, the students get clarity on ‘the ideal’ and ‘where’ it is. That way, even if they are a few ‘rungs’ removed from that ideal, it may occur to them that they can still ‘make it happen’. It is my observation, that very often students are introduced to techniques on the third or fourth rung level – and this can be the reason why they find it difficult to ‘make things happen’ with any degree of consistency.
Usually I need a white-board and a marker pen to illustrate this concept clearly. I hope you get the idea.
Train smart,


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