Seeking Rabbit droppings ...

With Easter nearly upon us, I thought it appropriate to offer up a 'bunny-based' idea. The title may be a little strange, but if it gets the message across – I’ve done my job.
Want to get more ‘omoplata’s’ – looking for more armbars – after more sweeps? Then don’t look for the technique itself – instead, look for the ‘overhook’, the ‘underhook’, or whatever it is that will ‘lead’ you to the sweep, the armbar or the omoplata.. When you are hunting rabbits, you don’t start looking for rabbit’s, you first look for rabbit droppings. There are more ‘rabbit droppings’ than there are rabbit’s, just as there are more overhooks to be found than ‘omoplata’s’. First you find the ‘overhook’, then you get the ‘omoplata’. First you need the underhook, then you get the ‘half-guard’ sweep. You get the idea. Identify the thing that will lead you to the technique, this way, you will start seeing the move earlier and be ‘hunting’ for it, rather than waiting for it to organically ‘pop up’ – which it may do, but only every now and then. We find more of what we are looking for by looking for the signposts that tell us we are close. There are always more signposts than destinations. Keep a look out.
Good training,


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