Happy Dreams

On a personal note - I am planning a weekend of rest, sleep and family time. I am really looking forward to it. With my new MMA curriculum all shot, I have a class to teach tomorrow night in Melbourne - and then a couple of days off.
Downtime is something we all need - in fact, I find I need a couple of serious breaks (say a week to ten days) through the year if I am to keep the mental and physical batteries fully charged.
My very favourite way to re-charge is to head to the wilds, with pack on back, and get into some seriously remote wilderness. I like to go somewhere pretty remote - then get a chopper to drop me in deep somewhere, and either walk back out over a week or so, or arrange a pick-up from some location that is unaccessible by road. Thta's always my treat to myself - but one that keeps me mentally happy.
I won't be able to do a trip like that till July or August I guess - but even the planning of it is fun. I have a few destinations that I have wanted to do for some time - there's an island at the bottom of south america - called Tierra del Fuego - well, below that, there's another one, called Isla NAvarino - no road access or anything like that - I would have to be droped off by boat from the bottom of Patagonia - then I'd like to walk the forty Km's or so across the island - which is bisected by the Darwin mountain range. With an average temp of 9 degrees in summer - it will be a challenge. But the two rivers I see meandering up from the most remote bay north of Antartica - are too appealing - I need to go and flyfish them. Perhaps I would be the first to do so - but eve if not, the trip would be a good one. I'd planned to do it when I turned 50 - and now I am just a year past that - so I am getting itchy for it. Perhaps next year.
It's little goals like these that keep us all pondering ad planning. Such things don't need to detract from our daily living experience - but they make for nice thoughts as we fall asleep.
Happy dreams ...


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