My KDT Visit

After landing in Singapore on Friday evening, I left on Saturday morning for Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Sam Wee picked me up, and after a quick Kopi Susu (milk coffee), we headed to the KDT Academy for training. Apart from Sam and Academy Manager/owner, Vince Choo’s students, a small contingent, led by Allen Chong, had made there way over from Sabah. We had a great training session that evening, which was followed by a sumptuous open-air feast out in one of the suburbs. Great food, great company. The dinner also served as a celebration for two new ranks which were awarded to both Sam and Vince respectively. Vince received his long-overdue purple belt – and Sam, his brown. A huge congratulations to both! After a good nights sleep, we hit the mat one more time before I had to jump back on a plane to Singapore for a Sunday afternoon seminar at Kon Quek’s gym. If anyone gets a chance to visit Malaysia, don’t pass up the opportunity to call in to the KDT gym and meet Sam and Vince – wonderful hosts and great training partners.
PS: Orang orang dari Sabah – jangan terlambat lagi! Terlalu banjak tidur Allen – bangun pagi pagi. Anda orang BJJ – tidak orang utan!
PSS: All non-bahasa speakers – please excuse this lapse into the Indo-archipelago lingo.


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