Springtime in the UK

Landed at Heathrow to be welcomed by Richard Green from Coventry. England is a great place – and right now it’s springtime – beautiful! The martial arts culture here is very different from that of either Australia or the USA. It just feels different. I love the ‘gritty’ feel of the fight culture here – there’s something about the smell and look of an old-school fight gym that is both grounding and uplifting. This week in England is one that I know I will enjoy immensely. I conducted an MMA/BJJ-based seminar for Rich and his stable in Coventry on Tuesday – after a good nights rest at the Old Mill hotel in Baginton. After which, Rich was awarded his blue belt. He has a great group of keen guys and is about to move into a new premises. I am sure he will go from strength to strength.
Frank Monea, a student and good friend from Melbourne was over doing some business in Europe – he usually has a private session with me every Tuesday morning – so I shouldn’t be too surprised, when he showed up at the Old Mill hotel on Monday night – 'good to go' for his usual lesson on Tuesday. Some people take fanaticism way too far. Amazing frank – you definitely win the ‘keenest student’ award for this month.
Today I was picked up by longtime student and good friend of Geoff Thompson’s – Tony Terranova, who lives down in the Cotswalds in Cheltenham; after a workout with him and a few of his seniors at his place, we sat down for a home-cooked meal and a great 'family' chat - a nice treat when 'on the road'. I now have a few moments to write this blog before we head off to train at his school this evening. Once again I am reminded of one of the most wondrous benefits of my job – and that is the exceptionally nice and interesting people I meet along the way. Tony and his family are just fantastic. I best sign off – training awaits.

Back again - early next morning actually. Tony and his family are great hosts, warm an friendly, to a fault. The training was great last night. The room packed and full of some of the friendliest and folk I have met. The Fighting Fit school has a great culture - no surprise really - considering that the culture is always set by the person running the show. I'm already looking forward to a return visit, and I havn't even left yet!
Off to Coombe Abbey today for an evening off, before hooking up with friend Geoff Thompson tomorrow at dawn.

Best wishes all,


Unknown said…

Loved training with you, it was a real honour! I love meeting people who are intelligent, funny, easy to talk to, humble, kind and hard as nails to boot! Thanks for your time, it’s given me the bug to get back on the mats and really learn grappling. I hope we do get to train again in the future!

Thanks again, lot’s of respect,

Ed Hayes, FFMA
Anonymous said…
How kind of you to comment on our great hosting! Or should I say forcing you to watch a Disney movie!

It was great to have you stay and make you drink lots of tea! I'm glad you had the pleasure of 'tea and cake in the Cotswolds'.

I really enjoyed the lesson you gave too and everyone at the class has said the same, would be great to have you stay again and have you teach at the club.

All the best
JBW said…
Thanks Emma - it really was great to stay with you guys. I felt very much at home. I look forward to seeing you all again next year - best wishes to you.

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