A big weekend

Just come home from a weekend in Sydney at the Australian Martial Arts Industry Supershow. I taught an Alpha MMA class and a Anti-bully (zero striking solutions) workshop. Everyone seemed pretty excited about them – it was a heartwarming weekend, with forty or fifty people taking time to personally introduce themselves and thank me for the classes. The pleasure was all mine – truly.
I also feel very honoured to have received the Industry’s Lifetime Contribution Award – a humbling experience and one that I feel pretty good about. As I mentioned briefly upon receipt of the award, for me, it has always been about the ‘passion’ – I simply love the evolutionary process, the analysis, the research, the training, the teaching – pretty much every aspect of the martial arts. It has, and continues to be, a very exciting and powerfully intoxicating journey for me. So thank you to all concerned – and there were quite a few people involved in making that happen! Thanks especially to Fari Salievski, for putting the event together – thanks to Marc Herbert, for editing the amazing video montage that they screened on Saturday (where the hell did you get those photos from?) – and thanks to my wife Melissa for keeping the secret from me so well.
My good friend Richard Norton was also there – he was taking one of the last classes of the weekend as I was leaving for the airport. For those who haven’t met him, he is truly a ‘class act’. If you ever get the opportunity to get on the mat and be taught by him – DO NOT PASS THE OPPORTUNITY UP! He is one of the most inspirational martial artists you could ever hope to meet – Aussie-grown – and we should all be prouder for having him represent us on his travels.
I’m writing this on the plane – we are about to hit descent, so I’m away. Once again, thank you everyone for making that one GREAT weekend. Well done Fari!
Best wishes all,


Korbett said…

Contragualtions.... you totally deserve your lifetime contribution award. You are a mentor to so many people throughout the world. Not just becuase of your great skills as a teacher, but you find a way to inspire us to evolve oursleves as a martial artists, as teachers and take martial arts to another level.

Thanks for all the inspiration.

Your friend,
Vince Choo said…
Congrats John. Your recognition is well deserved. Thanks for being the great coach that you have become.
JBW said…
Thanks Korbett - thanks Vince - your comments are much appreciated. I was speaking to another good friend today - Frank Monea from Melbourne - who came down for some training - and we were talking about teaching skills - in my view, it once again, comes back to reps. if you are teaching 1000 classes a year (as I do) then it's easy to start working a few things out - same as physical reps for tehcnique - 10 will give you the most basic exposure - 1000 will give you a solid understanding. teaching is no different - if someone is teaching 100 classes a year - then they need to do ten years of teaching to learn what I learn in any given year. Numbers count for a lot. A lot of my friends are asking me to write a book on Super-coaching strategies - and although it's on my list of things to do - there are other projects ahead in the line. Time - just need more time ...

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