This weekend just past – I took a few presales of my newly developed Pro MMA curriculum. Actually, I was amazed at how many people came up and paid me for the product in advance of it actually being produced. While it is nearly done (will be in six weeks or so), I couldn’t actually hand it to anyone on the day. It is a wonderful reflection of peoples good faith, that they are happy and willing to make payment up front, for something that I don’t quite have ready yet. Thank you all – I know your good faith will be rewarded; I have put a load of work into this curriculum – into it’s design, production and content. It is far and away, the best thing I have done to date. The official launch will be in early July at the Supershow in Orlando (florida). So you will have it before then. I’ll put up a post on this website when I have it sitting in my office.
Faith is a remarkable thing. My feeling is that we either ‘earn’ it – or we fail to ‘earn’ it – by our actions and our words. Robert Kiyosaki (renowned author and great educator) once told me – the secret to building trust and engendering faith is simple: “MAKE SMALL PROMISES AND KEEP THEM!
That my friends – is a gem!
Be true to you word – no matter how big – no matter how small.


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