Homeward Bound ...

It has been a great trip - and although I am sorry to say goodbye to both old friends and new over here in Europe, I must admit I wil be happy to arrive back home this weekend. I miss my family and my school. I have done a load of travelling and overseas training over the last three decades - and although it is always intresting and stimulating, there is, as they say, no place like home. I use technology to keep in touch with my family whilst o the road - specifically, video i-chat from ym Macbook laptop - so that's a bonus - but still, not te same as being there ...
So tomorrow I'll be up before dawn and norways UFAF rep, Kenneth Fjeld will take me to the airport for the two hour trip back to London. Once there, I'll have two hours to get on board for the next leg to Singapore - were a four hour layover will give me enough time for a swim in the newly built 'terminal three', before beginning the final leg of my journey back to melbourne.
Once there - my blog will be back to usual (apologies to those who have not been interested in this mini travel-log).
Happy trails,


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