Jet Lag hits

Having arrived home, I'm looking forward to getting back into my school, come Tuesday night. As it turns out, I feel like I'll need all three days to get back on my feet after my European tour - the jet-lag has really kicked in. The problem with staying away on the opposite side of the planet for two weeks is that the old body clock just starts to fully adjust and then you come home, sending the circadian rythms into a frenzy. pretty much the worst place to spend time for jet-lag to do it's evil thing to you upon return, is the exact opposite side of the planet from where you live. To check out where that is, go to this site:
I'm off - need to shock my body back onto the regular timeline. I'll be heading to Sydney this weekend for the MAIA Supershow ( - where I'll be taking a few classes and manning a booth to chat to people about my 'soon to be released' professional MMA Curriculum. Normal blogs will resume in a day or two. I hope to see some of you in Sydney ...
Thanks folks,


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