North to the land of ice and snow - and sun!

I arrived at Ken Pankeiwicz's Kickfit academy in Slough (near London) and took a short session for he and his instructors before it was time for the evening class. The room was pretty packed and we had a great time going through some entry-to-clinch techniques before hitting the floor for some basic guard and choke work. After class, i headed back and spent the evening with Ken and his lovely wife, Anne-Marie. it was an early start the next morning (today) as Ken took e back to Heathrow - just in time for my flight to Norway.
I was met by Kenneth Fjeld, who I met at last years UFAF convention, when I was teaching for chuck Norris in Vegas. Kenneth is a wonderful guy - and has the only fulltime school near Oslo.
We had lunch under a bright blue sky (unusual for Norway at this time of year) and it was actually hot! Then we headed to the mat for the evening class - which finished up around 9pm - and by ten I was at my hotel and the sun still hadn't gone down! it is really light here right now.
Back for anpther session with Kenneth tomorrow - the Norwegians are very friendly and warm people - have to be i guess, with all the ice and snow, etc. I guess I just have a soft spot for Vikings! Time to vid-chat my family - so it's bye for now. Stay well,


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