A walk in the woods

A night at Coombe Abbey is certainly a treat. This amazing hotel was originally a 12th Century Cistercian abbey and reeks of all things mediaeval. I love it. My mate, Geoff Thompson turned up early morning and we took a long walk through the surrounding woods – talking of life, love and left hooks. Our chat was extended throughout a leisurely breakfast which we took inside the east wing – adjacent to the moat – yes, moat. Ahh, the regal life …
I absolutely love the time we spend together – and a big part of why is the fact that Geoff is hungry, ravenously so, to chat about the wondrous mechanics of life and living. So our breakfasts are long and always end too quickly.
I am excited to watch his new movie – ROMANS 12:20; he generously gifted me with a copy, but I will wait to see it on the big screen, where I will be more fully able to appreciate it in it’s full glory. Geoff is a prolific worker – his work ethic is second to none – it’s one of many things we seem to have in common.
Many people expect to see changes in their lives despite the fact that they continue to do the same old things each and every day. Someone once said ‘to expect a new result to arise from the same old action is one apt definition of insanity’. New things, new outcomes, new adventures all begin with new ACTION. We need to DO. And Geoff does … every time I talk to him he is onto a new idea, working a new recipe, looking at an age-old problem from a new angle – refreshing to a fault!
So with breakfast and our mornings conversation over, I leave Geoff to the rest of his day as I write this quick blog. Phil Wright and an ex-pat Aussie from the Isle of Man are on their way from Manchester to pick me up in an hour. Best get packing,
Live well – live fully,


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