What is our time worth?

Teaching this weekend in Auckland and tonight in Napier ... again, before beginning the sessions, I remind the students of the contract they have made in coming to the seminar ... and that is: they have traded three hours of their life to come and do the training, it's not the money that counts, it's the time they have given to attend, that really is important. Again I remind them, if they have swapped three hours of their lives to attend the training - they should absolutely make sure they take full and comp;lete 'ownership' of what is being presented. The first step in taking 'ownership' is to remember what was taught - I make sure to 'test' them on the material at the end of the session - because I for one, understand the contract' made on both sides and I do try to have everyone understand the importace of 'full engagement' - and the fact that it is a colaborative process between teacher and student.
On the other hand - it's not just the students time that is important - it's mine also. I am trading hours of my life to be there and do te teaching. Away from my family - staying in hotels and waiting in airports - I require 'full engagement' from the students to make it seem all worthwhile to me. Sometimes, as on this trip - I go for a couple of days without seeing my family - although thechnology helps - tonight I had wireless internet connection available to me so was able to video-chat them on my laptop. Took this screenshot as they signed off. They will no doubt chastise me for publishing it here - but it's late and I am ovbviously not thinking clearly. Time for sleep.
best wishes,


Unknown said…
We often hear you talk about your family, but rarely do we see them as a major point in your blog like this. Your devotion to your family, your students, and the world as a whole is what makes you one of the most interesting and admirable people have encountered in my life.
JBW said…
Thanks Jeff - I appreciate your comment. Life is way too short - I see many people who havn't yet worked out what or who is most important to them - I feel lucky and fortunate indeed to be able to exclude myself from that category.
Best wishes to you,

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