Another day - another mascot!

At last - the Century Supershow is over. After packing away up our mat and booth, we said goodbye to lots of friends before heading to dinner with nice mix of Aussie and American martial arts mates. My new Alpha MMA program was a monstrous success - I would have to say probably the most successful new product at the show. MMA is definitely the fastest growing sport in the USA - and so school owners are scrambling to get on board early. Already we have around 35 schools that are making their MMA start with this program. I expect their will be hundreds within a year or two. I am pumped.
I get on the mat with a stack of school-owners tomorrow, who are using the BJJ program that I have been promoting here for some years now - that will be great. After that, I get two days rest in San Fransisco before heading on up to Las Vegas to teach for Chuck Norris. These conventions are generally not a load of fun, at least not for me; they are long and gruelling days, no time to eat properly, or sleep properly for that matter - they certainly tale their toll. If anyone out there has illusions of this sort of thing being a fun-filled and jet-setting lifestyle - think again - this is WORK, and not the exciting and interesting kind, like ACTUAL training - this is talking, and listening, business and politics - a far cry from the things I like most about the martial arts world.
Still, there are some very nice people sprinkled in amongst the ego's - and there sure are plenty of those. It's a weird scene. I didn't have time to take any shots thins trip - with the exception of this cute one with one of te mascots stalking around. I think it's a dragon - not quite sure.
Well, time to tie up a few loose ends before hitting the hay early (before midnight). A huge day tomorrow. Stay well - I promise more intersting blogs once I get through this weekend.


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