Deep South

Here in Orlando, Florida. I am manning both the mat and the booth at the MAIA (or should I say Century) Supershow. it's pretty good - nice to have a few Aussie mates here, Frank Monea, Rachael Birmingham and Fari Saliveski to keep me sane. Did a seminar for Brett Bannister and Steve Hammersley (one of Chuck Norris top instructors) somewhere out in Swampland (New Smyrna) last night - it was very fun - both of my hosts were generous to a fault; extremely nice people who I enjoy spending time with.
Got a good five hours sleep last night, after traveling 30 hours to get here. felt pretty good today - drank nearly a half a jar of honey to keep me going. Talking to so may people at the show that I have nearly lost my voice. I think my new MMA curriculum is going to be a big hit.
Brian Johnson, a Black Belt student of mine (and David Meyer) is down from Seattle to help us out - as is Jeff Robison (from Cinncinatti - Ohio). So the work load is not so bad.
More of the same tomorrow - then we have a blue belt testing for some of Chuck's people before heading back to San Fransisco for a day of rest - then it's off to vegas for the UFAF convention, where I will be teaching hundreds of Norris Organization (UFAF) students for couple of days. The beat rolls on - best get some food into me before I hit the hay - I think I may have overdosed on honey.
Be well everyone - I shall try to get down a more interesting blog over the next few days.


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