Competition Looming ...

Getting things ready for our upcoming Asia-Pacific Championships coming up early September. With Associates in Borneo, Singapore, Malaysia and new Zealand - we are hoping to attract more and more overseas competitors.
We have been going hard with our dealings with sponsors to gather some great prize packs for all placegetters. Our sponsors are a very important part of this process - they really contribute, in a very meaningful way, to the overall experience of the day. This year will be our best yet - we are very excited.
Rigan Machado is all set to come over and will be there on the day and good to go for seminars the day after - at Dominance MMA academy in Richmond. It is absolutely fantastic to have him here - a real treat for those who have met him before and doubly so for those who havn't.
Entry forms have started trickling in - and we hope t have everyone forms in by September 5th - so we can have the draw and 'match time estimates' completed before the big day.
This competition stands apart from all others in three ways:

- We are HIGHLY organized and have things running so smoothly that the day usually winds up before 5 pm; giving people time to socialize afterward.
- We have the head of the organization (Rigan Machado) present for awards and instruction the day after.
- The whole day is permeated by an atmosphere of comraderie and great sportsmanship; more like a huge family outing than a highly competitive tournament; everyone has a great time and everyone makes new friends.

So we can't wait for the day to arrive. I hope to see you tere - if you intend to compete - get those forms in as soon as you can.
Best wishes all,


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