Finance - the 2nd secret.

One more on the financial thing - because truth is, money is necessary in this world, and if you have enough, you can train with whom you want, whenever you want. I have spent hundreds of thousands on my own education/training - and have absolutely no problem with having done so. Some people spend wheelbarrow loads of money on a university education to become a doctor - then they spend stacks more on setting up a practice; I have done the same thing, except I have done it with the martial arts. And I have to say, I live a far better lifestyle than most of the doctors I see out there. it's all about how creative you can be - and abut investing in yourself.

So building on top of my last blog - here's the most important secret to financial independence: Keep improving on your ability to EARN income. This is something that many financial advizors don't consider - but I think it is HUGELY important. What are you doing now that can IMPROVE your ability to earn money. What skills are you developing? Are you creating a YOU that is unique in the marketplace? Ar you training yourself to seek out opportunities. Most financial planners focus on what to do with the money you have - I like to focus on how I can EARN it in the first place.
Oh, by the way, I see a lot of unhappy, work-stressed financial planners out there. They are busy in their offices all day, telling other people how to invest their money. I hope they REALLY like their jobs .... not for me.

Educate yourselves - every day in some small way. It really adds up over time. Leverage in all things.


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