Into the wilds.

Hi Everyone
I won't be posting anything for just over a week.
It's that time of the year for me when I need to take some time to rejuvenate. Everyone needs 'downtime' now and then to recharge and my favorite way to do it is to take a chopper ride into some remote place and be dropped off for a week or so - with none of the trappings of everyday life, no technology and no plans (other than survival). I love the wilderness experience - and have undertaken a minimal-gear approach of late, so I have a great sense of freedom on such trips. This time it's to be the most remote part of the Kimberleys in north western australia. The chopper, masterfully piloted by friend Gregg Hooper, will drop me at the Charnley River, where it empties into the Croc infested Walcott inlet - some 150 kms from the road.
All being well - I'll be back the weekend before the championships, in time to collect Rigan from the airport and make final arrangements/ I'll be back on deck and blogging then.
Best wishes,


Craig M said…
I'm very jealious......have a great trip.
Anonymous said…
dont be TOO nice to the crocs, we need more gnarly stories upon your return to our 'sunny isle'



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