The Quantum view

The inexperienced look big and see small – the experienced look small and see big. Learning to pay serious attention to detail is the beginning of journey toward deeper understanding. BJJ is a beautiful vehicle for the development of this process. We begin by learning and try to replicate ‘big moves’. We go for the ‘armbar’, the ‘triangle’ or we ask the instructor for a new ‘move’. This is how it starts. As we gain more experience and our understanding depends, we start looking at the ‘armbar’ or the ‘triangle’ as techniques comprised of a series of smaller moves or segments. The more we look, the sooner we come to the understanding that any move can be broken down into a sequence of more ‘attainable’ smaller moves. And so it goes.
This is also the secret to achieving the goals we set for ourselves. We should focus on the ‘process’ and not the ‘goal’ itself. Each step is fundamental to attaining the next. It’s all about the process.
Look small – see big!


Mike O. said…
Great insight! I believe I'm just starting to "look small, see big." It's a nice feeling :)

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