The Convergence

What a weekend! With 280 competitors converging from Australia over, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia; this was the most successful competition we have ever had; not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of efficiency, smooth runnig, finishing by 5pm, very few injuries, exceptional comraderie, great seminars the day after for the school-owners with Frank Monea delivering some inspiring ideas on professional school culture and with Rigan Machado teaching two seminars in Melbourne, comprised of techniques from his 'private stash'.
Another HUGE highlight of the day was the pleasure I had in being able to award three new Black Belts their special rank. Steve Perceval - Tony Morris & David Hart will forever remember the date of September 13th! Congratualtions to all of you. Every one very, very well deserved!
I have been inundated with positive feedback and thanks from many who attended on the weekend. I am replying to each and everyone. But my thanks in return to everyone who helped make the event what it was; referees especially, but competitors and spectators alike - everyone played their part.
An unexpected a huge hit - were the "I'M A SHARK. THE MAT IS MY OCEAN. CARE TO TAKE A SWIM?" wristbands. I had a bunch of them produced for the competitors but we sold heaps to spectators on the day. Several coaches bought a stack of them to take back as 'give-ways' at their respective schools. What I have left over are available in the shop on this website - in packs of ten. Enjoy!
Best wishes everyone - safe travels back to your respective schools, towns, countries. I look forward to an even bigger and more special event next year. Keep the second weekend in September free!


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