Having been dropped off by friend Gregg Hooper in one of the most remote parts of the Kimberleys in the North-west of Australia - I enjoyed six days of wilderness adventure.
My first day started with a bang - I had the luxury of toting in a couple of good steaks for that first night - but real wilderness is no place for the unobservant. I walked down to the pool to get some water for cooking , taking careful note of the large saltwater croc that was eyeing me suspiciously from thirty metres away, when a huge sea-eagle swept in from behind me and snatched up my cryo-packed steaks from the rock just three metres behind me. After delivering a few harsh words to the eagle - I noticed the croc had quietly edged in to within fifteen metres of the shore, so I quickly got my water and moved back up to my tent uirther up on the small sandy beach. Sitting down, still watching the croc, I began to cook some noodles (lucky I had plenty of those) when I heard a noise behind me; looking around, a huge brown snake slithered past, making me jump up and out of my seat.
Surrounded - crocs in the front, snakes behind and eagles above. Can't a guy get some rest when he needs it?
Five similar days followed - before my chopper flying mate came to grab me. Back home now and preparing for the big comp this weekend. Times it just right to get home for fathers day. Nice co-incidence.
Here are a few pics of some wild places and wild things that live there.
Best wishes all,


ALB said…
Great Story,

What do you think with a croc 15 meters infront of you?


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