When a foul wind blows

Another big day.
Laps in the pool - crashed into the wall while swimming underwater with eyes closed. perhaps they were wrong about my IQ! Headed to the dentist to have old fillings replaced with new high-tech material. Torture for me, siting in that chair.
Headed to Jitti gym - hoping to make my day a little better. Got inot the ring with one of the fighters, doing some light sparring for 30 minutes, got nailed with a straight jab that broke the temporary crowns the dentist had put in the day before. I spat them out, and finished up my session with some padwork. I feel sorry for my training partner, who was freaked out by the accident. Hey, that's training! The only real thing I am concerned about is telling my wife Melissa, who told me that going to the dentist in the morning and the ring in the afternoon is close to about the most stupid thing anyone can do.
Right again ... oh, why don't I listen?
A friend of mine turned up though, and made my day a lot better - Adam Kayoom - a very nice guy, a fantastic martial artist (BJJ brown belt - and a good one at that - and holder of a world Muay Thai title).
Adam has attended some of my seminars in the past - and it was a real pleasure finding him turning up at Jitti gym yesterday. I am just about to head off and get together with him in at the gym to work on the clinch game for an hour. Then it's another hour with Jitti - on the pads - before I head back home to enjoy the evening.
Enough for today.
Best wishes all,


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