Controlling the breath

In Singapore right now - with my family - getting set to head out to the Raffles Hotel tonight for Kon and Charmaine Quek's wedding. I spent a quick sixteen minutes doing laps in their 30m meter pool while mys son Felix ran interference, I know it was sixteen minutes because of late, I've been using a waterproof MP3 player that clips to the back of my goggles and allows me to work out in the water to then sounds of Led Zeppelin and Talking heads - apologies to most of you, who may not recognize these names. For those who do - you'll appreciate the experience!
I enjoy swimming as a form of exercise that forces me to regulate my oxygen intake. When you swim you can't just breathe whenever you want - you have to keep it all very organized. For me, that is analagous to fighting. Keeping the breathing under control, allows us to keep our emotions under control and more clearly 'think out way through' the problem in front of us (read: the threat) Breath-control is particularly relevant for the grappler. Yoga and swimming - apart from actual wrestling - would be the two most useful supplementary forms of breath-control-related activities that I can think of.
Plus - it's soft on the joints. You can get the heart-rate up without placing undue demands and stresses on the joints.
A friend and student of mine, Craig Moorfoot, put me onto the waterproof MP3 player - it's called the Dolphin and needs to be purchased online. It really works well. Not only can you workout to your selection of motivational tunes - you can upload any MP3 stuff on to it - Podcasts, news items, language tutorials. (I've been brushing up on my Indonesian for example - it's been 25 years since I have spoken it. Got most of it back though, after listening to an hour or so of Indo podcasts.
We're all off to Bali in the morning. I am looking forward to catching up with a couple of old friends there - the word is, they are still training. We shall see!
I trust my enemies there have long since perished (there were only one or two that survived the ordeal - read about it in my ROGUE Series if your interested).
I am sure though, that in the end, they too had the final touches to their beauty treatments applied with a straight-throat razor. We all need to look our best!
Gotta go - apparently I don't know how to dress properly (I am sure my wife is right on this account) and so she wants to remedy the situation. Bless here golden heart. The true suffering is about to begin. Guys ... you know what I mean.
Back soon - once we are ensconced in Bali.


Anonymous said…
Wow Zeppelin! I have a whole lotta love for any one who is into that kind of rock and roll. Sorry if I ramble on about it, but I want to avoid a communication breakdown to leave you dazed and confused. Anyway babe I am gonna leave you... I have lots to do and if it don't get done it'll be nobody's fault but mine.

Have fun in bali
Anonymous said…
Happy new year John, Melissa, Felix I've attached something that should bring a smile. take care and get in the weeds

Anonymous said…
Hi John,
As a dive master in a past life, when swimming , do your laps using a snorkel and mask if you get the chance, makes the lungs works harder due to restricted intake space.
Only works if you push your self, but makes you breath better!!! also great for getting used to restrictive air supply (eg a choke of some sort)


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