Angles and Vectors

BJJ is a complex and interesting art - no doubt about that. In fact, it is it's complexity that keeps me addicted to trying to untangle and solve the myriad of puzzles it presents every time I hit the mat. Another subtle angle, another way to achieve a big result with a little effort - these sorts of small milestones are what keeps me moving forward with my practise.
Watch this short video clip where I offer an example of some not-so-obvious 'angle work' that affords a big relt.
Hope you like it,


SkinnyD said…
John, thanks for the post and video. The use of angles in BJJ is something I'm trying to wrap my beginner head around. At this point it's just experimenting, but videos like this help a lot.

I really enjoy the way you approach BJJ analytically and illustrate general principles that moves are built upon. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for always sharing with us.
MattKlein said…
That is a nifty move. Have to admit it was hard for me to follow at that angle John, but I think I've got it.

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