My New Mastering Sweeps DVD

A bit of blatant self-promotion today with the announcement that my new MAstering Sweeps DVD is available from this website. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT
As always, I have tried to deliver extraordinary value with not only the level of instruction but with the sheer amount of material covered (over two hours of detailed technical analysis). The only hiccup is, that for the present moment - it has been produced in PAL format only, as it was done here in Australia and not the states - and the production house just assumed I wanted them all produced in PAL format. I will get a bunch done in NTSC format soon, all being well. As with the other two DVD's in the MASTERING Series, this DVD takes an in-depth look at 24 sweeps and walks you through in very fine detail. I have placed considerable emphasis on relaying the HOW and WHY each of the sweeps/reversals work, making it of even greater value to instructors. Anyways, I hope you like it; I very much enjoyed putting it all together.
Train Hard - Train Smart


Anonymous said…
Gidday John

I look forward to viewing your new DVD.I have your other two DVD,s and still study them most days before training trying to fine tune my chokes I'm now trying to build a better guard game this new DVD will be a great asset.

Thanks again
JBW said…
Thank you for your kind comments - I have tried hard to give good value for your hard-earned money. I am sure you will get a lot out of it. best wishes
Jai said…
G'day John,
Its one thing to be fortunate enough to get instruction from you during the week, but to be able to watch over and over anytime is just amazing!
Thanks a million for releasing all of those DVD's John. It will be a countless many people who will benefit from them 1000 fold!
The sweeps will be pretty handy!
Steve Foulds said…
If there's footage of Pete getting swept ill get 2 copies. I dont think ive swept him in 8 years of trying, i want proof its possible!

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