Not a word said ...

Sometimes, in fact, more often than we might think, some of the biggest lessons we learn are learn’t without the need for a single spoken word. This is true on the mat and it is true in life.
We learn lots of ways, through each of our five senses. We learn by looking, by feeling, by tasting, by hearing, even by smelling. Usually, we learn by a combination of these learning mediums.
The challenge with learning only by listening is that we close ourselves off to many important lessons by virtue of the fact that most people cannot perfectly articulate what they are trying to teach. Quite often, it is up to us to extract the lesson from the hints or examples that the teacher presents. We should never rely purely on the skill of our teachers – the real leverage comes from developing our own learning styles. Be the perfect student – open ourselves to ‘getting the lesson’ irregardless of how it is presented to us.


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