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Sure, you can outsource stuff; get that graphic designer to do the artwork; then give the product to a marketing guy, who will probably schedule a series of meetings with you, until finally a decision is made and your little old pamphlet is done. How many businesses or martial arts gyms have gone this route?
OR …
You can invest some time in learning these skills yourself and once done – do the whole job yourself in an easy afternoon.
We live in a world where it is soooo easy to become dependent upon a whole team of other people to get even the simplest thing accomplished. The self-reliance of the past generation seems to have become an increasingly rare bird. We can always outsource right? We can always ask GOOGLE; we can always locate that technique on Youtube or look up our passport number on our new i-phone.
Don’t misunderstand; I am all for the convenience that technology offers; but not at the expense of sacrificing my ability to learn, remember and use my mind. I don’t poo-poo the wonders of the GPS – but I can also navigate by the stars, by compass and I can read both map and terrain. It doesn’t cost much to take ownership of skill and knowledge – and empowering ourselves by owning and using learned knowledge empowers us to become people of action.
If you don’t act because of something you don’t know – then realize this is an opportunity to learn and do! A lot of the time, when we find ourselves stalling or postponing … it is simply because we havn’t yet taken ownership of all the necessary skills to complete the task. Get those skills … at every opportunity.


Chris said…
My name is Chris. I'm a 24yr old from Australia and seeking a path in BJJ. A path in life I don't plan on taking lightly nor do I plan to enter competition as such. I want to set a goal for black belt, and set out to achieve it. Whether it takes 2 years or 4, I plan on getting there one way or another.
I also plan to better myself as a person and gain a form of discipline I need. I get worked up or angry over small minor things as I do not know how to deal with that emotion. I used to practice the art of Karate as a child, and whilst it was short lived due to family complications I feel the need for martial arts to re-enter my life to better myself a person.

Your blogs are inspirational at times, and the above is no exception. You speak truthfully and honestly.

Would love to hear your thoughts if you have the time as to how to go about my path in BJJ and whether it is the right one for me with your wealth of knowledge.

JBW said…
Hi Chris
BJJ is a nice path - but seriously, how much you get out of it also depends a lot on your own outlook and who your teacher is. Where do you live - perhaps I can help recommending the right instructor.
Best wishes

PS; You can always e-mail me at:

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