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My father told me, more than once when I was a youngster, ‘What separates the men from the boys - is THINKING’. My father always saw the big picture; in fact, as evidence of this, I once saw him paint a Dymaxion skymap of our planet on our lounge-room wall – south America was on the right hand side (nearest the kitchen) and the African continent was on the left. He showed me that it was almost possible (barring the annoyance of the Behring Strait) to walk from the bottom of south America to the southernmost tip of Africa (When I later tried to explain that this was possible to my primary school teacher, I was ridiculed in front of the class – yikes). My father was a big picture kind of guy – but he was also good at details; and taught me to take the same view.
Every day, I find time to let my mind do it’s thing; to wander, to muse, to connect things, ideas and notions in unexpected ways. I always find time to let my brain yell, sing, wander, question and wonder. Finding time to ‘wander from path’ of usual thought opens the door to truly creative thinking. I love especially, to do this with my thinking on the martial arts. Keep the twitching down to a minimum of you want to retain your friends – but find some time, even a few mounted a day, to let your mind cut loose … and think.


Great post John,

What I find really interesting is the number of times I have been working on some aspect of martial arts and it has helped me solve a completely unrelated problem. I guess our brains somehow keep working on solutions even when we are no aware of it.

uway said…
that is a lesson that can be done by some of today's youth, who never used the brain to think positive ...

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