Colouring inside the lines

Colouring inside the lines affirms our sense of order; things are where they should be.
I have never been too good at colouring inside the lines, I remember once being told off by my teacher at school, for colouring everywhere BUT inside the lines. I think the picture looked better as a result - the only white space on the page was the animal surrounded by a pageant of color. Needless to say, I flunked art!
In my defence though - although boundaries are important (it's good to know where the 'line in the sand is' - they do by their very nature suppress our creativity in many ways. Boundaries restrict - obviously. Boundaries usually exist as a safety precaution but with the price we pay for absolute safety is lack of experience in the extraordinary. Discovery requires risk. Colouring outside the lines often results in nothing morte than a big mess - but sometimes .... just sometimes ...


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