20 HOURS IN THE AIR – straight to the mat
I arrived in London on time – after a brief stopover in Hong Kong; bleary eyed but good to go. Headed north to Lincolnshire, a few hours drive from sunny London, just in time to hit the mat for a Sunday evening class. Our first session in Lincolnshire was devoted to evaluating what the students had been practicing since my last visit. After a few tweaks here and there – and some advice on future practices I had a bite to eat with Dan and Rick and headed back to my hotel for some much-needed sack-time.
Late next morning, I kicked off my Lincolnshire seminar, after first spending time on the mat with some of Dan’s higher-level students. We squared away a few rolling ideas before getting into the seminar, which was well attended by a great bunch of enthusiastic students. We worked a very technical session on the butterfly guard – and the three hours just flew by. The feedback was overwhelmingly good – making goodbyes all that much harder.
My good friends Mark Collett and Roger Gilbert are coming up from Cheltenham in the morning – and then we’ll be heading to Doncaster to meet with Danny Mitchell. Danny is a pro MMA fighter and teaches at the Caged Steel Gym in Dewsbury - I'm looking forward to seeing him again. Now it’s time for some food and a nights rest – before the week gets into high gear. JBW


Spencer said…
Hope you have a good time in the UK. I am going there in a couple of weeks and am so excited about it!

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