A.C.T Action ....

I am sitting at the airport in Canberra, awaiting my flight home. It's been a buig three days - a great BJJ seminar on Sunday, hosted at Travis Faure's school and attending by hist students as well as those of Danny Weir and Ben Langford. I had the absolute pleasure of being able to present Danny with his BJJ Black Belt - big congratulations Danny, you are the driving force of BJJ in Canberra and the ACT owes you a debt of gratitude. Well done indeed my friend.
Monday and Tuesday were big days as I was doing military work from dawn till dusk. I wont go into details, suffice it to say that it was also a bit of a reunion of some old friends - go the perth next weekend for another series of seminars. The beat goes on.

Pic: The Sunday BJJ group. What a great group!!!


sewa mobil said…
Thanks for this article.
Rowan said…
Bummed I missed the ACT session. Knee injury has kept me away from training for over a month.

I'll have to wait for next time :)
melfel said…
Who's that cute kid to John's right.

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