We need help ... not just data

We have moved from the age of the hunter-gatherer to the agricultural age – then on through the industrial age to the age of information. We have so much data at our disposal that I think in many ways, some of us are worse off …
In my experience, people don’t just need more data … more information … what they need is HELP and DIRECTION.
Information is great – I am probably an information addict myself (in many ways) but information by itself is only a small part of the answer to many of our challenges.
On the mat, I see people with lots of info (techniques/new moves, etc) but very often little understanding of how these techniques fit properly into the overall scheme of things (ie: their game). Usually, results can be achieved by giving people exactly what they need, rather than a whole lot of what they think they need.
We need information certainly – but we need copious amounts of UNDERSTANDING and PERSPECTIVE to make good use of that information in the context of our training – or our lives in general.
The world throws more information our way nowadays, than ever before in history. But are we better off? Are we happier? No sooner do we begin to assimilate or digest a piece of information the world has thrown our way, when we become distracted by yet another info-packet hurled our way … etc.
Fighters jumping randomly from technique to technique, diet to diet, training regime to training regime – rarely stay focused long enough to get the value of out anything. Information is a powerful thing – but it can also distract us from being focused and making real and measurable gains … JBW


Anonymous said…
Hi John
have you any plans to release your books on kindle format.(rogue black belt series) I am UK and shipping would cripple me.
K O'L said…
Hi John,
In looking for BJJ in Auckland, NZ have happened across your blog, great stuff. If I can be of assistance re releasing your books as ebooks I'd like to help in some way (even if it is just putting them up on goodreads...). Haven't read them, though really like what I see on your blog.

I know it's up to me really; though in your opinion do you think that someone with balance/gait and spasticity issues from Cerebral Palsy could find a 'place' in the BJJ way? I'd like to learn.

Thank you,

JBW said…
Hi KAren
absolutely be willing to give BJJ a shot - particularly in view of the fact that it is a tactile art - and given the very close proximity of your opponent/partner, you my find that issues you have with other styles of martial art, are not as much of a hurdle with BJJ. Go and check out one of the schools in Auckland - I hope I meet you when I am over next. Best wishes: John

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