In Pursuit ...

I have spoken a lot on the pursuit of excellence - on the pursuit of happiness - in the pursuit of expertise - etc - but consider this, pursuit, in and of itself, gives us direction, gives us impetus, gives our lives meaning. Running toward something - chasing an idea, and ideology, a goal, a dream, a cause ... imbues us with a sense of purpose. Operating with a sense of purpose, in and of itself, fills us with a sense of fulfilment and excitement, often irrespective of whether we actualise our intended goal or not. Pursuit, points us ... and gives us direction. Think about something you were chasing ... that girl (or guy), that new sweep, that fish, that car, that house, that holiday with your family, that weight-loss (or weight -gain) .. whatever it was - if you are like me, you got as much out of the planning, the thinking about it, the 'journey' if you will ... as you did out of realising the goal. get in touch with your internal compass ... and pursue something. JBW


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