Going Deep vs going broad

To better understand a ‘position’ - whether a metaphysical position (an idea) or a physical position (e.g: knee-ride) we need to view it in context. How are we arriving there - and where are we going from there? 
Coming up with an idea - is a relatively easy thing to do … the execution of that idea, on the other hand, is an entirely different thing entirely. Interesting questions include: how did we arrive at the idea? What was the ‘seed’ that gave it birth? Where does the idea lead? What comes next? How does the idea sit in a larger context? An idea is only the beginning!
Same goes for a physical position - i.e.: knee ride, mount, guard, etc) How did we get there? What opportunities does the position offer? Where are we going from there? Where does that position sit in the larger context of the ‘game’?

Deepening our understanding of how something works - is like becoming a mechanic, versus simply buying a car. You can’t go wrong when mining into the mechanics of a technique … trying to come to an understanding of how it works, and under what circumstances it should be best applied. This is the real ‘fun’ … the process of discovery - the ‘need to know’ … it where the real fun (and ‘sense of ownership’) is to be found. JBW


Matt Klein said…
I agree fully, but I also believe a beginner's first order of business is to learn defences against the most common submissions and escapes from the worst positions, which requires breadth as well.
JBW said…
true enough Matt ... I agree fully. We are on a see-saw - first broad, then deep, then broad again, then deep again, and so on ... JBW

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