Depth - Intent - Breadth & Adaptability

The art of prioritisation is one that is well worth cultivating.
If you want to build a strong competitive game on the mat – you are best off starting by prioritizing your ‘plan of action’ in each position. When it comes to the crunch – those who act immediately and decisively when a given situation arises, usually do much better than those who do not. The construction on a good ‘game plan’ begins with ‘ordering’ or ‘prioritizing’ the possible actions or paths (read: techniques) we could execute in any given situation.
This is very much in contrast to ‘free-flow’ roiling – wherein we do not want to prioritize but rather react and experiment with different (even novel) reactions to events as they arise.
Neither approach is better than the other – they both offer different pay-offs. Prioritizing (developing a very specific game-plan) builds ‘depth’ and ‘intent’ – whereas Free-flow reacting develops ‘breadth’ and ‘adaptability’.
In life away from the mat – again, both approaches provide benefits. Free-flow living builds character, adaptability; an understanding of the bigger picture – but prioritizing allows us to get things done – to achieve – to build wealth – to hit goals.
And again – it is a blending of the two approaches – a balance of both, that achieves the best results of all.



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