The Seminar Experience

The Seminar Experience ...
I have considerable experience in teaching seminars. This calendar year will see me deliver around 120 seminars. My schedule will see me travel abroad five times as well as interstate, perhaps a dozen times.
I put a lot of work into both the preparation of the seminars and of course, the delivery on the day. It takes a strong work ethic, exemplary communication skills, attention to detail and an ability to adapt to the widely varying needs of those who engage me. The seminar content, and design thereof, is only the ‘tip of the iceberg’, so to speak; the teaching of seminars is an art in and of itself, and like any art-form, is wide open to interpretation. I believe seminar participants deserve nothing other than an optimal experience. I believe this because I understand (even of they do not) the contract they have made; and it is this: each and every one of us, has a limited amount of time left on this journey we call life – and that time is not ‘recoverable’, it is a very ‘finite’ resource and it is the most valuable thing that each of us has to spend. We, each of us, has traded some of our precious time, to earn the money that we spend on training/seminars; we then spend even more of our time on attending the training/seminar – and so, in knowing this, in knowing the price each person has truly paid to spend time on the mat with me, I cannot but put my heart and soul into the privilege that is teaching/instruction.


Unknown said…
Hey John,

It's Sean O'Leary, Barry(Barry's Books) son.

When are you in London? I've been living there for 14 years. I have a son called Oscar who is 4 1/2, and I'm working as a rolfer and movement specialist.

I would love to catch up or see you in action. I have just started at a state of the art Physio client. One of the partners does high grade personal training and his main influence has been Pentak Silat.

You were my original strength and conditioning coach at the GMHBA health club in 1986.. How time goes by.

I hope all is well and how is your son Ronin.

Cheers Sean

Dave Blair said…
Your preparation and attention to detail are very evident. I have attended two of your seminars @forca combat academy in the UK. As a very new and mature student I cannot express enough the value of your seminars, which not only break down moves to absolute clarity but instill your unique philosophy and understanding of BJJ. Thank you and look forward to seeing you again
Matt Klein said…
The value of your seminars are apparent to me most of all when I am rolling. An opportunity presents itself and I jump in, sometimes successful, sometimes not. But in every case I think to myself, "got that from John's seminar, and so happy I learned it", because at the very least, it put my opponent on the defensive. Every single one has been worth its weight in gold, and your diligent preparation is always readily apparent.

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