As on the mat - so too in life ...

We don't build character on sunny days when all the planets are lined up in our favour. We build character, fortitude and focus during those times when things are lined up against us. We build our character and strength during tough times.  And so it is on the mat - for those who find themselves always on the bottom, always having their guards passed, always being crushed ... understand this - that is exactly how you develop your survival and escape skill-set. You don;'t develop defence by being on top, by dominating, etc.
So when life is challenging - when you are being pummelled, crushed, used, pick-on, bullied, stressed - this is like resistance training for the soul. It might not feel good; but it's how you get strong. We shouldn't play ostrich and just stick our heads in the sand when things go pear-shaped - we should face the dramas head-on and in the long run we will prevail. In fact, this is how we construct who we are. JBW


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